Tips For Getting A Strike In Bowling

Snow Bowling is one interesting game that is played all around the world but United states is popular for bowling. Anybody can play bowling game but how many of them can do a single strike matter a lot. Go through the following tips before you are out for bowling.

  • Choose the ball whose weight is apt for you. Generally, the weight of the snow bowling ball is 11 to 12 pounds for women and 14 to 15 pounds for men. The weight that is apt for every individual can be calculated dividing your weight pounds 11. It is always better to try 1 or 2 pounds lesser than the obtained number. If you like to learn more about the balls, Find out about different bowling balls here.
  • Relax your swing. Do not stiffen your muscle. Take a deep breath and relax before you start to swing the ball. A stiffened muscle may result in a slower throw.
  • Angle the ball so that it hits the pocket. If you are a right hander, angle the ball between 1st and 3rd And, if you are a left hander, angle the ball between 1st and 2nd pin.
  • The throw is based on your approach. If you like to slow down the ball, hold the ball near your chest and start the throw. If you like to throw it fast, hold it between your thigh and waist and proceed to throw the ball.
  • If you like to throw a hook, start with the lighter ball, hold the ball with the four fingers and leave the thumb and proceed. Let your palm guide your spin.
  • Arrows and dots are the ones that must be concentrated. Aim for the second arrow from the right if you are a right hander and aim for the second arrow from the left if you are a left hander.