Perfectly Matched Bags With Your Outfits

Any lady who has a good sense of style and is pretty much conscious about the latest fashion trends will make sure every part of her wardrobe if perfectly matched and coordinated. Whether they are going out for a formal dinner, to the movies, for a cup of coffee or just to the supermarket next door these ladies will always be well dressed and most often would be carrying handbags to match their outfits.

For those ladies who would love to wear perfectly matching clothes and accessories including their bags here are some great tips on the best way to pick the perfect match to your attire every single time-

1.The occasion

The first thing you need to consider is the occasion for which you need to get dressed for. Like with your outfit you can match your bags as well to get that perfect classy and chic look. Whether you are off to your office or going shopping, whether it is formal or an informal occasion you need to plan to plan accordingly and get the best options for both your clothes and your bags. The more sophisticated the occasion the smaller and sleeker you should be.

  1. Your body shape

The shape of your body also matters when it comes to selecting your bag. If you are slim then you would look great with big bags, but if you are a little on the curvaceous and heavier side then, long slim bags should be your ideal choice. If you are someone who has a big bust then avoid carrying bags that would make you seem fuller.

  1. Be a little different

Try to choose bags which have something different. Handmade bags with a special touch to them. ethnic bags which reflect a completely new culture printed and colorful bagsand so on. the list is endless and the options are many.

For the ladies who prefer traditional brands there is nothing better than a classic Chanel bag which can never go wrong, so you should get yourself a Chanel bag and feel good when you wear it with your favorite outfits.