Light, Camera, Click!


Photos taken in natural light differ a lot when taken under artificial sources. If you are looking for some important photography with lights session and are looking for new ways to work with a light read on here.

Keep the light source close, to get great clicks:

The distance between the light and the image should be less. The more the distance, harder will be the image, with too many shadows and other works.

Keep bouncy lights for some diffusing effect:

Aiming a narrow light on a broader surface like the walls, the ceiling will produce softer, diffused light, which is good for some real candid clicks.

Keep the source broader to get a softer hue:

Broader the source of the light, the image you get will be softer. The sharp the light, the image will be hard. Example, cast a sharp and narrow light on an image, you will get only outlines of the image under a shadow, the original image is harder. So, keep the source broader, it reduces the shadows and contrasts.

More distance of the image from light, dimmer the output:

If you are looking to keep the light farther from the image, consider the output you are looking at, as the output will always be dimmer. If you move the light double the distance from the object, the image light becomes dimmer. In case you are looking at changing the quality of light for a collective image, this is the way to get it!

Diffusing effects:

We see the clouds overcasting their shadows on the sky, the sun getting behind and the hues getting softer, that’s the diffusing effect. Diffusion actually makes the light source broader, filling the larger space, and makes the image softer.

Backlights for the diffused effect:

We see many pics with diffused effect, that’s the usage of the backlight at eth background. The light that falls on the back, can create beautiful diffusing effect, shadowy effect if you are looking for the exact same output.